PACNWRS is the largest and longest running reptile and exotic animal show in the Pacific Northwest – since 1995. With more than 90 vendors at each of our events, we offer more than any other expo in the PNW. Visit our vendor booths for incredible selections and show specials. We try and update our vendor list as often as possible, so check back regularly for our most updated list. Interested in becoming a vendor? Click Here!

4 Star Morelia

Adelinas axolotls – instagram: @adelinasaxolotls

Airplant Man Tropicals – instagram: @mytropicalairplants

Almost Feral 3D – instagram: @almostferal3d

Andering Pythons – instagram: @anderingpythons

Angel Carro Reptiles – instagram: @angel_carro_reptiles

Arcane Mundane – instagram: @arcane_mundane

Arthropod Ambassadors – instagram: @arthropod_ambassadors

ArachniDixie – instagram: @arachnidixie

ASM Royal Tails – instagram: @asmroyaltails

Austral Gecko – instagram: @australgecko

BADD Reptiles – instagram: @baddreptiles_

Ball Python Blvd – instagram: @ballpythonblvd 

Barnyard Balloons

The Basking Spot

Bewitched Oddities – instagram: @bewitchedoddities_

BD Imaginations – website:

Big Borg Bugs

Big Borg Reptiles – instagram: @bigborgreptiles

Bigfoot Exotics

Big Sky Reptile and Enclosures – instagram: @bigskyreptilesandenclosures

BioRhythm Mealworm Farm Kit – instagram: @biorhythm_mealwormfarmkit

Brad’s WORLD Reptiles – instagram: @brads_world_reptiles

The Bug Zone – instagram: @the_bug_zone

Burm Addiction – instagram: @burmaddiction

Cactus Flower Exotics – instagram: @cactusflowerexotics 

Capital City Exotics

Cascade Corns – instagram: @cascade_corns

CNP Skulls – instagram: @cnp_skulls

Columbia River Zoological Society – instagram: @columbiariverzoological

Conviction Reptiles – instagram: @convictionreptiles

C&M Terrariums – instagram: @cmterrariums

The Creep Inn Family – instagram: @creepinnfamily

Da’ Rockman –

Darkmoon Faire

Deadline Morphs – instagram: @deadline_morphs

Designz by BC Wilson – instagram: @designz_by_bc_wilson

DragonLady Creations -instagram: @dragoness_creations

Dying Arts – instagram: @dying_arts

Emerald City Axolotl’s – instagram: @emerald_city_axolotls

End of The World Bugs

Evergreen State Reptiles – instagram: @evergreenstatereptiles 

Evergreen & Ivy Co. – instagram: @everyivybeads

Family Time Exotics – instagram: @family_time_exotics

Fauna Photography – instagram: @faunaphotographyig 

Federal Way Fish and Reptile Rescue – instagram: @federalwayfishrescue

Fins And Scales Ceramics

Flight Club Foundation – instagram: @flightclubfoundation

Folkvang Exotics – instagram: @folkvangexotics

Game Of Morphs – instagram: @gameofmorphs

Gannaw’s Premium Moss – website: 

Gex Wear

Glacier Rodents

Glamor Snakes – instagram: @glamor_snakes

Gordon Reptiles – instagram: @chad.gordon.5686 

Happy Gecko Stickers – instagram: @happygeckostickers – website:

Head 2 Tails Rattery – instagram: @head2tailsrattery

High Desert Geckos – instagram: @highdesertgeckos

Hiss & Hers Herp Hobbies

Hometown Pets – Eugene – instagram: @hometownpetseugene

The Incurable Hobbyist

Inland Reptile

Jackpot Reptiles – instagram: @jackpot_reptiles

Jeff Greene‘s Carnivorous Plants – instagram: @cobragreene

JFK Dragons – instagram: @jfkdragons

Josh’s Frogs – instagram: @joshsfrogs

Just Wright Reptiles, LLC – instagram: @justwrightreptiles

J&S Reptiles – instagram: @jands_reptiles

Kexotics – instagram: @kexotics

Khaleesi’s Cresties – instagram: @khaleesis_cresties

Kori Lynn’s Plushies – instagram: @koricuddleplush

Kymwana Tiggy Winkles Hedgehogs

LLLReptile & Supply instagram: @lllreptile

Lola Whimsy – instagram: @lolawhimsy

The Lucky Cuy – instagram: @theluckycuy

Luvmybalz – instagram: @luvmybalz

Mac’S Crested Gecko’s – instagram: @macscrested

Mantis Madness – instagram: @man_tismadness

Mesa Terra – instagram: @mesa.terra

Mighty Morphing Reptiles – instagram: @mighty_morphing_reptiles

MK Pythons – instagram: @mkpythons

Misty Sky Crafts – instagram: @mistyskycrafts

Moonbeam Exotics – instagram: @moonbeam_exotics

Moonstone Reptiles – instagram: @moonstonereptiles

Morph Mechanics – instagram: @morphmechanics

Mystic Butterflies – instagram: @mystic.butterflies

Natures Way Ball Pythons – instagram: @natureswayballpythons

Nina’s Axolotls

Northwest Redworms instagram: @northwest_redworms – website:

Nova Reptiles – instagram: @nova.reptiles

Odin’s Mixology – instagram: @odins_mixology

Oregon Exotic Balls – instagram: @oregonexoticballs

Oregon Exotics – instagram: @oregonexotics 

Oregon Herpetological Society

Pets On Broadway – instagram: @petsonbroadway

Pnw Arachnids – instagram: @pnwarachnids



Powerhouse Pythons – instagram: @powerhouse.pythons

Puget Sound Pythons – instagram: @puget.sound.pythons

QBall Morphs – instagram: @qballmorphs

RADD Reptiles

Rainforest Poison Dart Frogs and Exotics @rainforestpoisondartfrog 

Rainbow Geckos – instagram: @rainbow.geckos

Rasmussen Reptiles – instagram: @rasmussenreptiles

Rebly Lake Custom Reptiles – instagram: @rebly_lake_custom_reptiles

Reptemos – instagram: @reptemos 

Reptichip – Premium Coconut Substrate -instagram: @reptichip_premium_coconut


Reptiles by Adrian Ray – instagram: @reptilesbyadrianray

Reptile Renderings – instagram: @reptilerenderings

Resonant Pixels – instagram: @resonantpixels

Respecto Thy Gecko – instagram: @respecto_thy_gecko

Resplendent Reptiles & Exotics – instagram: @resplendentreptiles

The Robin’s Nest – instagram: @

Rip City Reptiles – instagram: @rip_city_reptiles

Salem Serpents – instagram: @salemserpents

The Scales Family – instagram: @thescalesfamilyreptiles

Scales’NScutes – instagram: @scalesnscutes

Secret Dragon Collectibles – instagram: @secretdragoncoll

SKB Exotics – instagram: @skb_exotics

Skullduggery – instagram: @skullduggerybob

Snakeful Grace – instagram: @snakefulgrace

SoCalHerper – instagram: @tlanzi

South Sound Snakes – instagram: @southsoundsnakes

Specialty Herps LLC – instagram: @specialty_herps 

Spider Shoppe – instagram: @spider_shoppe

Spyker Exotics – instagram: @spyker_exotics

The Art of Stephanie Isidro – instagram: @stephanieisidro

Sticky Toe Geckos – instagram: @stickytoegeckos

Striking Morphs – instagram: @striking_morphs

Treasure Valley Reptiles – instagram: @treasurevalleyreptiles

Tropical Fish Factory – instagram: @tropicalfishfactory

Tropical Tom

Tutti Frutti Snakes – instagram: @tuttifruttisnakes

Tzakis Naturals LLC – instagram: @tzakisnaturals

Urban Animal Creations – instagram: @urbananimalcreations

Urban Dinos – instagram: @officialurbandinos

Urban Jungle

USARK – United States Association of Reptile Keepers – instagram: @usark_official

Valley Morphs – instagram: @valley.morphs

Variegata Exotic Plants – instagram: @variegataexoticplants

Watch Out For Wiggle Butts – instagram: @watchoutforwigglebutts

West Coast Rays and Aquatics – instagram: @westcoastrays

White Hot Dragons – instagram: @whitehotdragons 

Wicked Plants – instagram: @wicked_plants_greenhouse

Woodcliff Herps

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. – instagram: @zoomedlabs – website: