PACNWRS is the largest and longest running reptile and exotic animal show in the Pacific Northwest – since 1995. With more than 90 vendors at each of our events, we offer more than any other expo in the PNW. Visit our vendor booths for incredible selections and show specials. We try and update our vendor list as often as possible, so check back regularly for our most updated list. Interested in becoming a vendor? Click Here!

Adelina’s Axolotls – instagram: @adelinasaxolotls

Airplant Man Tropicals – instagram: Airplant Man Tropicals

Angel Carro Reptiles – instagram: @angel_carro_reptiles

ArachniDixie – instagram: Arachnidixie

Arthropod Ambassadors: instagram: @arthropod_ambassadors

ASM Royal Tails – instagram: @asmroyaltails

Astonishing Geckos

BADD Reptiles – instagram: @baddreptiles

Ball Python Blvd – instagram: Ball Python Blvd

BC Vinyl Graphics

The Bean Farm – instagram: @the_bean_farm – website:

Bewitched Oddities – instagram: @bewitchedoddities_

Big Borg Reptiles – instagram: @bigborgreptiles

Bigfoot Exotics

Bindi’s Babies – instagram: @bindisnoodlebabies

The Bug Zone

Brad’s WORLD REPTILES – instagram: @brads_world_reptiles 

Burning Heart Exotics – instagram: @burningheartexotics

Cactus Flower Exotics – instagram: @cactusflowerexotics

Capital City Exotics

Cascade Corns – instagram: @cascade_corns

Cascade Vine & Branch – instagram: @cascadevineandbranch

C.E. Reptiles

Celestial Exotics – instagram: @celestial_exotics

Columbia River Zoological Society

Courting Frogs Nursery

Crested Geckids

The Creep Inn Family

Crenshaw Constrictors

Crypticon Seattle – instagram: @crypticonseattle

Dan Eby Reptiles

Da Rock Man

Danni’s Cresties

Dave’s Reptiles – instagram: @daves_reptiles

Deadline Morphs

Dilox Dens

Dragonhaus, LLC – instagram: @the.dragonhaus

EDz Exotics

Emerald City Axolotl’s – instagram: @emerald_city_axolotls

Evergreen Exotics – instagram: @evergreenexotics_wa

Evergreen State Reptiles – instagram: @evergreenstatereptiles 

Fauna Photography – instagram: @faunaphotographyig

Flight Club Foundation

Geckos to the Max – instagram: @geckostothemax


Glacier Rodents

Happy Gecko Stickers – instagram: @happygeckostickers

The Happy Spider – instagram: @thehappyspider

Hare Hollow Farm – instagram: @hare_hollow_farm

High Desert Geckos – instagram: @highdesertgeckos

Hiss & Hers Herp Hobbies

Hometown Pets

Integrated Tropicals

JED’s Pets

Josh’s Frogs – instagram: @joshs_frogs

JK Dragons – instagram: @jk_dragons_

John Galt Reptiles

JMG Reptile – instagram: @jmgreptile

J&K Creations

J&S Reptiles

Kaleidoscope Geckos

Kexotics – instagram: @kexotics

Khaleesi’s Cresties – instagram: @khaleesis_cresties

Kymwana Tiggy Winkles Hedgehogs

LLLReptile & Supply – instagram: @lllreptile

Mantids Galore – instagram: @mantids_galore

Mark Brill Caricatures

Mesa Terra – instagram: @mesa.terra

Mischief Managed Exotics – instagram: mischiefmanagedexotics


MTgecko and Ball Python – instagram: @mtgecko123

Mystery Mansion Geckos

Newport Discovery Zoo – instagram: @newportzoo

Nina’s Axolotls & More

Nova Reptiles – instagram: @nova.reptiles

Oregon Exotics

Pnw Arachnids – instagram: @pnwarachnids

Puget Sound Pythons – instagram: @puget.sound.pythons

QBall Morphs – instagram: @qballmorphs

Rainforest Poison Dart Frogs and Exotics -instagram: @rainforestpoisondartfrog

The Rat Ranchers – instagram: @theratranchers


Resplendent Reptiles & Exotics – instagram: @resplendentreptiles

River’s Leviathan – instagram: @rivers_leviathan


Ryan Anderson’s Sculptures in Motion

Sacred Arts Serpentarium – instagram: @sacred_arts_serpentarium

Scales’NScutes – instagram: @scalesnscutes

Seattle Reptile Guy

Seraphic Crested Geckos – instagram: @seraphiccrestedgeckos

Shrodinger’s Box Taxidermy – instagram: shrodingersbox

SMK – instagram: @showmekitties_

SnakeCreations – instagram: @snakecreations

Specialty Herps – instagram: @specialty_herps

Spider Shoppe – instagram: @spidershoppe

Sticky Toe Geckos

Sunshine Miners

Super skinky

Tacoma Crested Geckos

TentasTreasures – instagram: @tentastreasures

Tropical Tom

Tutti Frutti Snakes – instagram: @tuttifruttisnakes

Twisted Silk Exotics – instagram: @twistedsilkexotics

Unique Exotics

Tiny Art Face Painting – instagram: @tiny_art_face_painting

Tzaki’s Naturals – instagram: @tzakisnaturals

USARK – United States Association of Reptile Keepers

Vendors Are We

Vile Villain

Viking X Cards and Games

Wells Family Reptiles

White Hot Dragons – instagram: @whitehotdragons

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. – instagram: @zoomedlabs